Behind The Veil Design Studio is an elite full-service wedding and event planning agency serving modern clients based in Chicago and throughout the country. We specialize in providing sophisticated and timeless design along with strategic planning techniques to our distinguished clients. Our concierge-style approach to wedding planning enables us to exceed our couples' vision while providing a lavish guest experience that will leave a lasting impression on their loved ones.

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Curating luxurious experiences and delivering exceptional service to modern couples.

Behind The Veil has extensive years of experience serving couples from diverse cultural backgrounds, including African, Jamaican, Latino, and Jewish to name a few. We love to infuse our clients' customs throughout their celebration, and we specialize in creating romantic ambiances of luxury and grandeur. Since the majority of the weddings we plan are hosted at venues in and around downtown Chicago, our couples are able to highlight their love against the backdrop of this beautiful city.

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Designing moments of luxury that elevate your love story and highlight your culture

Our goal is to create trust in our ability as designers and the overall project manager of your wedding, so that you can sleep at night. We ensure that every wedding is timeless while still resonating as modern and unique.

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We don't allow our clients to stress or worry about minor details. 

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We provide you with a hand-held planning experience, so that every detail of your wedding is managed skillfully.

What to expect from Behind The Veil

Concierge-style planning approach

We understand what it takes to design a breathtaking, luxurious event. You can trust us to plan an elegant experience for you and your loved ones.

Sophisticated design style

 Excellence is our standard, which allows us to ensure that every detail reflects the vision of you and your partner.

Meticulous attention to detail

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"Behind The Veil proved to be one of the best investments that I made during wedding planning. 

My planner really brought the fun back into the process for me. I loved that she embraced my ideas and feedback throughout the process, because like me, she's a creative spirit with a ton of great ideas. I know my wedding turned out better because of her. We really became like long-time friends that could laugh and joke about my crazy ideas, anxieties etc."

Shari King-Thomas

I've been in the wedding planning industry for over 14 years. As a former middle school and high school Language Arts teacher I was a natural project manager and wrangler of people. I was always a creative with a passion for all things interior and fashion design, so I naturally gravitated to wedding planning as it incorporated these elements and so much more. Overall, I love the institution of marriage, and as a wife and minister, I'm able to bring my couples clarity about their purpose of coming together that lasts well beyond the wedding day.

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Tammy Palmer,
Owner & Lead Planner

We're passionate about serving our clients with a spirit of excellence and ultimately allowing them to enjoy their brief season of engagement with peace and excitement. Our couples become like an extension of our family, and we often become a sounding board and shoulder to lean on during a time that can be full of emotion. There's nothing more satisfying than knowing that our clients fully trust our expertise, vision, and intention to always keep their best interests at the forefront of our leadership.

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With BTV, you're treated like family.